What makes a Teupen lift different?

There’s not just one item that makes a Teupen lift better than its competitors.  It’s a combination of quality, safety features, and range of accessibility.  There’s nothing quite like it.  It’s difficult to isolate which feature is more important, as they are equally crucial to the success of these lifts.


No slope is too steep, no path too narrow, no situation too complicated, no flooring too delicate for our lift.  Get everywhere you need to go-inside and outside.




Looking for a solution to your accessibility problem?  Not finding a lift that offers the versatility needed for your wide range of jobs? 


Teupen lifts offer more possibilities at a tremendous value.  If you are looking for a cost-effective way to solve your accessibility problems-then a Teupen lift is the answer.  No other lift has their range of capabilities.  Traveling down a narrow path, climbing stairs, or navigating through a doorway for working inside a building are not a problem with Teupen lifts. 



No one wants to spend money on equipment if it will not solve your problems.  You need to be smart about spending money to solve your access problems.  While other equipment might necessitate buying several pieces to accomplish your goal, with Teupen, it’s likely one piece of equipment will take care of your needs.  The benefit is easy to see-less equipment means more money for your business.


Built to Last

Teupen is a world leader in the manufacturer of platform lifts.  They have 30 years of experience in engineering, designing and building lifts that function as complete maintenance and access solutions for indoor and outdoor use.


Solve your problems

Teupen lifts were specifically designed to solve your problems by giving your company the capability to work faster, smarter and safer.  The ability to increase revenues by handling larger projects without increasing labor costs is simply an added bonus.
With a Teupen lift, your investment will be recouped within a short time.



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